`Serial killer` in guise of masseur arrested – 6th May 2020

LAHORE: The Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) police claim to have arrested an alleged serial killer who under the garb of masseur killed five people to get their belongings in separate incidents.

According to a police official, the suspect, ljaz alias Jaji, used to lure unsuspecting people to some deserted place, break their neck with his bare hands while giving them a massage and escape with the victims` belongings.

He said the police arrested ljaz and were conducting raids to nab his three accomplices who had gone underground after his arrest.

The police official said during interrogation, ljaz told the investigators that he and his accomplices had formed a gang and would commit such crimes in the guise of masseurs in the city.

The suspect told the police that he and his accomplices thought it was a safer way to make money as compared to committing other crimes.

The suspect confessed to have killed five people in various areas of the city including Bhati Gate, Shadbagh, Islampura and Ravi Road.