Seminar of civil society organisations was held at PCSW | Job Assan | on 07th November

Event:                                                             Participation in Seminar

Date:                                                              07th November, 2018.

Venue:                                                           110-A, St. John Park, Lahore Cantt.

Topic:                                                             “Job Assan”

Organised By:                                               Punjab Commision for Women (PCSW)

AGHS Team:                                                  Hina Shahid, Rahat Gull

A seminar of civil society organisations was held at PCSW on 07th November, 2018. PCSW has started an initiative to provide an employment facilitation center for women.The main objective of the project is to reach out to the women of lower income strata and help them in the following sectors to obtain a better opportunity for employment:

  1. Developing skills of making C.V
  2. Job matching
  3. Access to private and government institutions for employment
  4. Conduct short trainings for women
  5. Arrange Co-Working space for women
  6. Career counselling.

“Job Assan” plans to hold two job fairs in December in Lahore to provide a platform for young women educated at the intermediate level or above. They will be registered online to make them members of “Job Assan”. PCSW also aims to establish a “Professional Development Sector” which would enhance the skills of these women, train and mentor them.

The seminar also emphasized on sharing their flyers and were ready to come and talk to women groups in community,colleges, universities, paralegals and explore other such avenues.They also were keen to work with interns coming to civil society organisations.

Three “next steps” were proposed in this seminar:

  1. Disseminate information about Job Asaan
  2. Decide dates for potential sign-up events within each organisation’s network
  3. Nomination of mentors