School headmistress wounded in gun attack – 12 Feb 2023

Two attackers killed in indiscriminate firing

Two people were killed and a school headmistress was severely wounded in a shooting on Saturday. The incident was driven by an enmity over a love marriage and the injured woman was the groom’s mother.

According to details, a shooting occurred in the suburbs of Shergarh, where a woman was attacked by her son’s in-laws. The woman, a headmistress, was shot outside the school she worked at, while indiscriminate firing claimed lives of two members of the mob involved in the attack.

The initial report by SHO Shergarh Police Station Ejaz Dogar stated that around 20 people opened fire in Shergarh.

The headmistress, Rukhsana Baqir’s, son Bahawal Shehzad married a girl named Ammara some time ago, after which there tension arose between the two families.

The two families faced each other at a court on Saturday regarding a case of the kidnapping of Shahzad’s father. After the hearing, the girl’s reached Shergarh, and shot Rukhsana Baqir outside the school. Two suspected members of the armed mob, Zafar Chatta and Arif Bashir, were killed by indiscriminate firing.

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