Sarim Burney Trust joins hands with Madadgar 15 to find missing children – 08 Aug 2022

Karachi: To help overcome the issue of missing children, the Sarim Burney Trust has linked itself with the Madadgar 15 service. The trust’s founder Sarim Burney said that considering the incidents of missing children, the major decision to link the trust with Madadgar 15 has been taken.

DIG Security Dr Maqsood Ahmed also visited the office of the Sarim Barney Trust and, on behalf of the Security Division, ensured full cooperation in welfare services.

Madadgar 15 will also expand the scope of public services in collaboration with the Sarim Burney Trust, said Dr Ahmed, adding that they will trace missing children using modern technology. The Sarim Burney Trust is soon launching a mobile app as well, and it will be linked with Madadgar 15.

The DIG also visited the trust’s shelter home and met with the elderly and the children there. “When we share the pain of the bereaved, it gives spiritual peace and satisfaction,” said Dr Ahmed.

The officer added that the Sindh police, including the Security Division, is performing its duties with this in mind, focusing on eradicating injustices in society.

The Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International (SBWTI) has been working for years against injustice and inhumane activities germinating not just in Pakistan but also around the world.

Established by Sarim Burney, a social activist and entrepreneur, the SBWTI is a non-profit trust representing the oppressed and less privileged population. The trust works tirelessly to combat poverty, injustice, conflict and disaster.

To extend the scope of its endeavours, the trust will be launching new projects to cater to the needs of people treated unjustly in any part of the world.

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