Runaway teen girls in ‘safe custody’ – 10 Jan 2023

Police officials said the two girls left home after planning and facing a minor dispute

Lahore Railway Police found two runaways who had left home over a minor issue and boarded a train from Karachi to Lahore.

According to the details, two friends, 14-year-old Kinza and 14-year-old Naila, were mysteriously missing from the Korangi No. 2 area of Zaman Town police station.

A case of abduction was registered under Section 364A of Accused No. 23/35 in the Zaman Town police station, and the search for the two started.

In this regard, SP Korangi Investigation Abrez Ali Abbasi told The Express Tribune that the police had started investigating the disappearance of the two girls and found out that the two girls went to a railway station, after which the police checked the railway stations and informed the railway police.

The Lahore Railway Police found both girls yesterday.

However, the police were suspicious of 14-year-old girls travelling alone, so they questioned them and locked them up in preventive custody when they got no suitable answers.

Meanwhile, Lahore Railways police informed the Karachi Railways police.

After getting the information, the investigation officer of Zaman Town police station left for Lahore to pick both the girls up and bring them back to Karachi.

He said that the two girls had left home after planning and facing a minor dispute at home.

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