‘Rape victim’ gets pregnant

Complainant says her daughter was alone in the house when she was violated.


Two persons had allegedly raped a teenage girl in her home in February 2023.

The incident came to light recently when the victim’s mother filed an FIR.

As per police records, the victim’s mother stated that during her absence in February this year, her relatives Mohsin, his namesake and Anwer Bibi had visited her home.

Her daughter (17) was present at the time. Seizing the opportunity, Mohsin and his namesake took her daughter to a room where they allegedly raped her. The victim’s mother told the police that her teenage daughter had gotten pregnant.

Allegedly, Mohsin’s mother administered poison to the victim to induce an abortion. Subsequently, her condition deteriorated, and the family learned about the disturbing incident.

The daughter shared the ordeal with her mother, prompting them to seek medical attention.

She was initially taken to a hospital in 257 RB Miani, but doctors referred her to the Civil Hospital.

Search for the suspects was underway.

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