Rape suspect arrested – 16 May 2023

Okara Railway Station rape case: railway police track down suspect, facilitator

The Railway Police arrested suspect Haseeb and his facilitator Abid who had allegedly raped a girl at the Okara Railway Station.

According to police, the victim had arrived at the Okara Railway Station to catch a train to Karachi on May 9 where she met railway employees Haseeb and Abid.

Suspect Haseeb enticed the victim to the Parcel Section of the station in the morning of May 10 where he allegedly raped her, police said.

To evade arrest, the suspect arranged a ticket to Karachi for the victim and made her board the train, police said. Upon reaching Karachi, the girl was totally disorientated.

When the railway police officials in Karachi asked her if they could help her, the girl told the railway police about the incident of rape, after which the Karachi railway police sprang into action.

Legal action was initiated by them, and the Railway Police of Lahore was informed about the incident.

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