Rape case against prayer leader – 27 Mar 2023

GUJRAT: Police have booked a prayer leader for raping a youth after drugging him in the Khalidabad locality of Shaheen Chowk police precincts.

Hailing from Sohaal village near Kotla, the complainant told police that he was a Hafiz of holy Quraan. He said the Khalidabad mosque prayerleaderapproached him by phone a few days prior to Ramzan andasked him (the complainant) to lead the Taraweeh prayers in his mosque.

When he visited him, the accused told the youth since the mosque committee members were not available, he should stay there for a night.

He said the prayer leader served him drugged meal and raped him at night.Police have registered a case against the suspect under section 377 of Pakistan Penal Code and started investigation.

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