Rape attempt thwarted – 12 Sep 2022

Mianwali: A man allegedly attempted to rape two young girls, but timely intervention by their father thwarted the culprit’s nefarious designs. The girls, who were daughters of the Imam of a mosque in Mujahid Town, had gone out of their home to play in the neighborhood. When the girls did not return home for a long time, the Imam started searching for them in the neighborhood. He heard the screams of the girls coming from a room of a house in the neighborhood. The suspect, Bahadur alias Toor Khan, had been living in this house. The door of the sitting room was not locked from inside. As soon as the Imam entered the house, Bahadur Khan al-legedly escaped from the backdoor of the house. The police registered an FIR on the complaint of the Imam of the mosque. Saddar Police took imme-diate action and arrested the accused who had allegedly tried to rape the young girls.

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