Punjab’s handicrafts attract foreigners – 29 Nov 2022

RAWALPINDI: President Pakistan Green Task Force, Dr Jamal Nasir, along with Director of Arts Council Waqar Ahmed here on Monday visited the Punjab Pavilion at the Lok Mela.

On the occasion, Assistant Director of Arts Council Muhammad Suleman briefed the guests about the artisans from Punjab. Waqar said each country had handicrafts, including carvings, embroidery, clothing and jewellery.

He added that each colour, style and design, with a unique symbol, represents the culture of a particular region based on the local skills of the people. By providing artisans with modern technology and training, Pakistan could earn valuable foreign exchange from handicrafts exports, Waqar said.

He informed that Pakistani handicrafts were famous worldwide, adding that at the International Dubai Expo, recently, Pakistani artisans surprised the world with their art. Director of Arts Council Waqa Ahmed said to access most of the international craft markets, “We need to adopt our strategies to promote our handicrafts worldwide by creating awareness, such as organizing handicraft exhibitions, using e-marketing channels and organising fairs at the international level.”

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