PTP Follow-up Course November 2018

Topic: Labour Laws &Women Workers                    Facilitator: Advocate Farooq Tariq

Date:   16-17TH November 2018                                     Venue: AGHS-Legal Aid Cell           

This lecture was set against the backdrop of the history of the struggle of labourers in 1886 in Chicago, after which the warrant of rights spread throughout the world like wild fire. The paralegal trainees were briefed about the aims of labour laws and how they are designed to protect the rights of individual workers and employers, to promote productive and safe environment of workplaces.

In talking about Pakistani labour laws specifically, the trainees were educated upon these laws that protect the rights of individual and collective groups of labourers. These laws provide guidelines to the employers/industrialists in dealing with matters of wages, wage incentives, facilities for workers and the working conditions of labourers. A brief history of these laws and trade unions in Pakistan was also shared, from the Factories Act in 1934, Industrial Relation Act 2012, Punjab Industrial Act 2010, Employees Old Age Benefit Act 1976, and Bonded Labour Act 1991 to the Employment of Children Act 1991. Stress was laid upon the requirement for a conducive environment for women workers especially in factories where they should be provided washrooms and canteens with economical rates (if not free) in addition to consideration of their working hours. The paralegal trainees asked questions regarding the Employees Social Security Ordinance 1965,The Workman’s Compensation Act 1923, all of which were duly addressed by the facilitator.