PTP Follow-up Course February 2019

Topic: Punjab Domestic Workers Act 2019 Facilitator: Advocate Beenish Zia

Date: 22nd &-23rd February 2019 Venue: AGHS-Legal Aid Cell

This month Paralegals were given awareness on the new law that has been passed in January 2019.This law deals with domestic workers. Advocate Beenish Zia facilitated the paralegals on it. The title is Punjab Domestic Workers Act 2019. The law states that it is implemented in the whole of province of Punjab province. Further on  Beenish told the audience that no one can hire a child below 15 years of age and that is only for light work and part time.By the enforcement of this law every employer has to fill a registered form in which they have to give their particulars and also declare the kind of work they would be expecting from the domestcic worker.If any employer is found guilty of hiring any minor as per stated in this law he will be fined 50 thousand ruppees but not less han 10 thousand ruppees.It announces  one day off per week as domestic worker’s right and 10 days festive holidays throughout the year.If a domestic workers get sick or injured the employer has to bear expenses for his medical care and his dependents also,if they are living in the employer’s house.A female doemstic worker will in addition to the above mentioned leave would be entitiled to 6 weeks paid leave in case of delivery of a child.Among other rights Wages during leave or holiday period, Minimum wage,accommodation,

Restoration of possession of property to domestic worker was also took into consideration.