PTP Follow-up Course February 2019

Topic: Fact Finding Techniques & Skills Facilitator: Tanveer Jehan

Date: 16th & 26th March 2019 Venue: AGHS-Legal Aid Cell

Ms.Tanveer opened wthe session with quoting an incident which had occurred on the same day.She divided the paralegals to form three groups and asked them to discuss the scenario and what they feel has actually happened keeping in mind wethere it is an accident or deliberate.After ther 25 minutes a lot of questions were put up from the paralegals and Ms.Tanveer started to answer them one by one.It was a very good exercise for learning technique of finding out the facts and sep[erate it from fiction.She also said the most important part of any fact finding it that when you chose an incident you need to include lawyers, male collegaues and women as well especially if the natuer of the case is sensitive.The team also always meet the police authorities,medical staff ,family memebers,victim(if one is alive) and neighbours and it is better to divide the team memebers to different tasks so at the end of the day you have covered all aspects of the incident.She also emphasized that once you have identified the incident you must sit as a whole team and discuss your roles in it clearly so as not to create or contradict each other on the field.It would also enable the team to deduct the right results and develop a good comprehensive report of fact finding.