PTP 6-Day ORIENTAION Topic: Constitution of Pakistan – 06th January-11th January

Topic: Constitution of Pakistan                          

Facilitator       Advocate  Ms.Anum Ali

Date:    06th January  2020                                           

Venue: Dorab Patel Auditorium,HRCP,Lahore  

Advocate Anum Ali opened the session with the power presentation and filled audience with the background of Pakistan history. She then highlighted the difference between constitution and Law by givng a similie that when we read our holy book Quran we get to know the structure of running a muslim state but when we read the Hadith we come to know how its going to be done.So constitution provides a structure in which a government is run and laws provide the platform how its going to be followed.Pakistan first constitutionwas introduced in 1956 and after the Martial law of General Ayyub Khan was put in place the assemblies were dissolved.In 1962 Gen.Ayyub Khan presented the second constituion of Pakistan in which Presidential  system was introduced. In 1969 Gen.Yahya took over the country once again the constitution was again dismantled.In 1970 Pakistan went through the darkest time and we saw the break of East Pakistan and instead Bangladesh emerged on the world map.In 1973 the Prime minister of Pakistan Zuilfiqar Ali Bhutto presented the first democratic constitution of Pakista which is still serving us. According to this constitution the state of Pakistan is run on 3 pillars, Administrative;Army,Police  and Prime Minister.Second is uqanana comprised of Assemblies(upper and Lower) and Senate.and third pillar is Judiciary,Supreme Court,High Courts and Lower Courts.The elected and the voter eligibility criteria was also discussed along with the number of setas on which elections are held.