PTP 6-Day ORIENTAION Topic: Laws on Marriage – 06th January-11th January

PTP 6-Day ORIENTAION                                                

06th January-11th January

Topic: Laws on Marriage                        

Facilitator       Advocate  Ms.Noureen Nazir

Date:    06th January  2020                               

Venue: Dorab Patel Auditorium,HRCP,Lahore              

Activity Report:- The Orientaion commenced with taking the attendance of the trainees and handing out folders to the trainees.A brief introduction was given by Paralegal Coordinator on the objectives and goals of the  paralegal training program. A brief history of AGHS in the making was also shared with the participants.The role of women in our society and growng awareness on the issues was also highlighted.It was stressed that the knowledge and information on legal matters is the key to the empowerment of woman.It is a basic right of a every woman, who is a citizen of Pakistan, to know about her rights and how to use it for her protection and safety.

Advocate Noureen  then facilitated them on the laws of marriage and the importance of the “Nikkah Nama”. She also elaborated on how important it is to get it registered to avoid any complexity stemming from a bad situation.She also talked about the“Dowry” articles given in a marriage and informed them that they are a gift and as per law cannot ascertain above the five thousand ruppees limit the law has prescribed in the Marriage act of Dowry and Bridal Act 1976. She went on further to explain  the “Haq Meher” and how it sometimes create problems as we are not aware of the legal intricacy of it. Some amendments in the marriage act has come in the last few years and very significant articles are now in place to resolve issues like men second  marriage without consent, marriage with Quran,child marriages and filling out the full Nikkah Nama among other issues.

She also talked about the divorce and its implications. dissolution of marriage takes place when husband and wife marriage is terminated due to a number of reasons.There are two ways which are used to terminate the marriage contract.Divorce or Talaq given by husband to wife in the presence of wife or via intimation,Dissolution of marriage or Khulah is in which a wife seeks  through the court.When divorce is given to the wife it has to be notified to the union council to make it legal and at the end of the 3 months reconciliation period if both parties are  not agreed to stay togather hen the union council has the authority to issue a decree.Paralegal trainees asked a lot of questions regarding verbal divorce legal and Sharia authencity etc.

At the end of the session analysis forms for the lecture and program were handed out to them  in which basic questions were asked about the quality of the lecture,facilitator and topic selected to evaluate the excellence and also to bring improvement for (up coming) future endeavours.