Police ‘solve’ 90% of sexual assault cases – 29 Jul 2022

Senior police officer says use of modern technology yields positive results

The experience of using modern technology by Rawalpindi police in investigating heinous cases of rape and sexual assault of women and children remained successful.

According to police data, the ratio of tracing and arresting the accused in sexual assault cases has exceeded 90 per cent.

In the last seven months, 62 accused involved in 66 cases of sexual assault were arrested and sent to jail.

The data obtained from the city police said that 51 women and 15 children were sexually assaulted in the first seven months of this year. Of these cases, 48 accused of raping women and 14 accused of raping children were arrested.

According to the data, there is only one case registered at the Wah Cantonment police station where the accused could not be arrested, while the accused in all other cases have been arrested and sent behind bars.

SSP Operations Waseem Riaz while talking to The Express Tribune said that the Rawalpindi police’s experience of using modern technology in investigating cases of sexual abuse of women and children has been successful. Now onwards, the police will do away with the age-old investigation procedure, he said.

He said that with the use of DNA reports, polygraphic tests, impotence tests, geo-fencing and other modern technologies including mobile tracing technology in serious cases, it has become difficult for the accused involved in such serious cases to escape from arrest.

The police officer said that there was a zero-tolerance policy in the investigation of sexual assault cases. At any police station where a case of sexual assault takes place all police officers including the CPO supervise the investigation of the case, he said.

“With the use of modern technology in the investigation of serious cases, not only the accused are arrested quickly, but also the solid evidence against them cannot be challenged in any court.

Its biggest advantage is that now the accused cannot avoid punishment,” he said.

He said that the Rawalpindi police were confident that if the success ratio in the investigation of cases of heinous nature remains the same, it will help prevent crimes and ensure the safety of women and children significantly.

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