Police resolve murder of three family members – 20 May 2023

LAHORE: The Multan police arrested three suspects involved in the killing of three members of a family in Basti Malook over apersonaldispute.

Tanveer Akhtar, 45, of Kamalia, along with her son Fakhar Ali, 23, and daughter Mahwish, 20, had been residing in a rented house in Basti Malook for the past five years. They were found killed on May 1.

Subsequently, a postmortem examination report revealed that the family members had been killed with an axe, and their bodies were wrapped in blankets. A murder case was registered against unidentified people.

The police arrested Mulazim Husain, brother of the deceased Tanveer, in Toba Tek Singh, along with his son Kazim Husain and Asad Raza. The suspects confessed to murdering the family with an axe before fleeing the scene.

The police revealed that Tanveer had been previously married to aman in Jhang but divorced him. She then married Sarfraz of Mian Channu and had two children, Mahwish and Fakhar.

However, she divorced her second husband as well and moved to Basti Malook with her children, where she entered into a third marriage with a chicken seller named Asghar from the area.

The police stated that deceased`s daughter Mahwish had married her cousin Kazim but left her home within a month due to differences with him.

According to the police, Mulazim, along with his son Kazim and acquittance Asad, approached his sister Tanveer and requested permission to take Kazim`s estranged wife back to their home.

The suspects attempted to resolve the matter for a week, but when Tanveer refusedtosendherdaughter back to her in-laws` house, the suspects brutally killed Tanveer and her children with an axe.

The suspects then wrapped the bodies in blankets and fled the scene.

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