Police recover child abducted from waterpark – 10 May 2022

Suspect, his sisters arrested for kidnapping 2.5-year-old boy in a borrowed SUV

A child kidnapped from a famous waterpark on Super Highway was safely recovered by the police from Hyderabad with the help of CCTV cameras footages available with the park’ management.

According to details, unknown people abducted 2.5 years old Musab on Sunday evening from the Fiesta Water Park located on Super Highway in Gadap Town, Malir District, within the limits of Memon Goth Police Station.

Abdul Moiz, the father of the abducted child, filed a case at Memon Goth police station. Moiz stated that his family came to the waterpark on May at about 1:15 pm. He said that other three families, including his four children, were at the crowded waterpark.

All the children were playing when, at 6pm, his son, Musab, went missing. He went to the park’s administration office to report his missing son. He searched for his son and went to the admin office again to check the CCTV footage.

The Fiesta Water Park management showed the CCTV footages from various cameras at the park which showed that a woman wooed the child away and then bundled him off in a SUV. The park management also helped identify the vehicle by its number plate making the investigations easier.

Subsequently, Moiz informed Memon Goth police about the incident afterwards.

Memon Goth police station Sub-Inspector Rasool Bakhsh registered a case and started investigations.

During the operation in Latifabad area of Hyderabad, Memon Goth Police recovered Musab and arrested three kidnappers including a woman.

The vehicle used in the incident was also recovered during the operation. The kidnappers include Nadia and her two real brothers Faisal and Waqas. Meanwhile, two women abductors Shazia and Sana, who were involved in the abduction of the child, escaped.

Memon Goth SHO Atiqur Rehman told The Express Tribune that police worked on the CCTV footage provided by the management of the Fiesta Water Park.

The security cameras showed two men and a woman going away with the child in a white SUV bearing number BH0797.

Police immediately got the information of the vehicle number; it was found out that the vehicle belonged to a person named Rehan in Hyderabad on which the police got the mobile number of the owner of the vehicle.

He said that when the police investigated, it was found out that the family, a resident of Hyderabad, had asked their brother-in-law Qadeer for a vehicle. On which Qadeer asked his friend Nadeem to arrange the car and Nadeem gave his friend Rehan’s Prado car to the said family for two days. The SHO said that the police contacted the owner of the vehicle and he admitted that the vehicle belonged to him but he had not had the vehicle for two days and he had given it to someone.

Police obtained the mobile number of the said family from the owner of the vehicle and located it.

In a subsequent raid police recovered the abducted child Musab and arrested the accused Faisal his real brother Waqas and a sister Nadia involved in the abduction.

He said that the rescued child has been handed over to his parents.

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