Police free maid arrested for murder of businessman – 31 Jul 2022

Tehmina was held on suspicion of her involvement in Surya’s killing

Police have released a housemaid who was taken into custody in connection with the murder of a businessman in the jurisdiction of New Town police station. Tehmina was set free after police investigation confirmed that she was not present at the crime scene on the day businessman Rizwan Surya was murdered on July 26.

According to police, Surya’s family alleged that Tehmina had left their home after work in the afternoon and returned in the evening with other suspects to murder the businessman. Tehmina was taken into custody by police from the Khokhrapar area.

However, footage from CCTV cameras installed at the location confirms Tehmina had not returned after leaving the house in the afternoon while the GPS device of her mobile phone showed that she at her own home at the time of incident. After this, police released Tehmina on the condition that she would come whenever called by police.

According to police, the suspected killers might have fled to Punjab by train after the murder. Police have also obtained CCTV footage in which the suspects could be seen fleeing to the railway station. Their faces are clearly recognizable in the video footage.

DIG East Muqaddas Haider said that they could not ascertain the motives behind Rizwan Surya’s murder. He suspected that Suriya might have been killed by a familiar or close person.

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