Police find no clue to baby kidnapped from hospital – 29 Jul 2022

BBH administration blames parents for negligence

A three-month-old child, who was kidnapped from the out-patient department (OPD) of the Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) on Wednesday, could not be recovered 24 hours after the abduction.

The hospital administration in its fact-finding report blamed the parents of the kidnapped child for all lapses and negligence.

Three-month-old Musa Aftab was kidnapped from the OPD of the Benazir Bhutto Hospital on Wednesday after his mother, Saima Noreen, handed over him to her 10-year-old daughter Ayesha Fatima on the premises of the OPD before she went for a check-up.

Malik Aftab, the father of the kidnapped child and a resident of Pindigheb, had lodged an FIR with the Waris Khan police stating that he visited BBH for a family check-up and his wife Saima Noreen handed over the three-month-old to their daughter Ayesha in the OPD before she went for her check-up.

Ahmed said that after his wife came out after her check-up, she found her son missing and their daughter said that a woman took the baby with her and disappeared.

Waris Khan police have registered a case against an unidentified woman and obtained the CCTV footage from the hospital. Police said that they were making all-out efforts to trace the woman who has kidnapped the child.

BBH Medical Superintendent Dr Sohail Ahmed Chaudhry said that he had constituted a fact-finding committee, which said that the kidnapping of the child did not prove any negligence on the part of the hospital administration.

He said that the CTV cameras were also closely reviewed but the woman was not seen at any other location except for in the OPD. Dr Sohail said that the security system of the hospital has once again been reviewed according to the SOPs.

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