Police bust 1,234 suspects in a week – 08 Nov 2022

Recover illegal weapons, stolen vehicles, drugs, etc.

Police arrested 1,234 suspects during various raids last week, spokesman to the police department said.

A suspected robber was killed and 16 others were arrested in 10 encounters, the spokesman said adding police also recovered 13 illegal weapons of different types, four stolen bikes, and 10 snatched mobile phones from these suspects.

Moreover, the Police also recovered drugs worth rupees million, including 73.9kgs of hashish, 5kgs of heroin and 1.37kgs of methamphetamine ice from drug traffickers in different areas of the metropolis.

According to the spokesman, 149 weapons and bullets of different types used in various crimes were also recovered from the arrested people.

The Police also arrested 16 more people after identification in the murder case of two employees of the telecommunication company in the Machar Colony area of Keamari. On the 28th of October last month, a mob brutally tortured and killed two employees of a telecommunication company. Police arrested more than 70 suspects initially.

Moreover, the Karachi police also recovered 78 motorcycles and four vehicles in operations which were stolen from different areas.

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