Police arrest suspect in minor girl`s murder case

CHAKWAL: Police have arrested the suspected murderer of a seven-year-old girl who was killed on Jan 27 in Sehgalabad village.

Komal Shehzadi went missing on Jan 27 and was found lying dead near the fields of the village.

Addressing a press conference in Sehgalabad village on Monday, District Police Officer Retired Captain Wahid Mehmood revealed that the accused had killed the minor girl due to a tussle he had with the maternal uncle of the victim.

The victim`s mother had separated from her husband a few months ago. She had two daughters. One was living with the father while the deceased was living with her at her parents` house.

The accused, being the neigh-bour of the victim`s maternal uncles, had family terms with them.

According to villagers the girl was also acquainted with the accused who took her away on January 27.

`The accused brutally killed the innocent girl as he first strangled her and then inflicted injuries on her face and head with a sickle, the DPO said. The accused did not sexually assault the victim.

After committing the heinous crime, the accused came to his home with blood-stained clothes.

When he was inquired about the blood by his mother and brother, he told them about his crime. `The mother and the brother of the accused have also been booked in the case for concealing the crime`, the DPO said. Correspondent