Police actions fail to contain street crimes – 10 Nov 2022

Gang of suspected motorcycle lifters busted on Korangi Causeway

The Special Investigation Unit of police claimed on Wednesday that it has arrested seven street criminals, including motorcycle lifters, in two separate raids and recovered weapons and three stolen motorcycles from their possession.

The SIU busted a five-member gang of motorcycle lifters during an operation on Korangi Causeway Road, according to officials. The suspects have been identified as Javed Ali, Raja, Feroz Ali, alias Maqsood, Ali Gul, and Imam Deen.

Two more suspected criminals, identified as Zameer Hussain and Zulfiqar Ali Gopang, alias Shah Mir, were taken into custody during a raid near an SSGC office in the Gulshan area. Weapons and a motorcycle were recovered from their possession. Further investigation are underway.

Meanwhile, the CCTV footage of violent money snatching from an elderly motorcyclist in Shamsi Society, Malir, in the limits of Al-Falah police station, went viral on social media on Wednesday.

According to police, the gunmen had brought the elderly man to Shamsi Society, promising to help him purchase ghee on wholesale rates. The CCTV footage shows that as soon as they reach Shamsi Society, the suspects try to snatch Rs300,000 from the elderly man, but when he resists, they shoot him.

A five-year-old grandson of the elderly man also fell from the motorcycle in the scuffle. The suspects took out Rs300,000 from the pocket of the elderly man and sped away on the motorcycle.

In a separate incident, a firefight took place between police and suspected robbers. Police arrested one of the suspected robbers who was injured in the fire exchange, while his accomplice managed to flee.

The injured was shifted to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital where he was identified as 28-year-old Shahzeb. Police claimed the suspect has been involved in a number of street crimes.

In yet another incident, a man was shot and injured by unidentified suspects near Defense View, Phase 2, in the jurisdiction of Baloch Colony police station. He was rushed to Jinnah Hospital where he was identified as 36-year-old Amjad, son of Zaman.

Police said the motive for the shooting is immediately not clear.

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