Nursing council official booked for harassing colleague – 28 Dec 2022

ISLAMABAD: An assistant registrar working in the Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) was booked by the capital police on the complaint of his female colleague, accusing him of harassment, police said on Tuesday.

The case was registered with Banigala police station under sections 354 and 509 of Pakistan Penal Code.

According to the FIR, the suspect is basically an employee of the Sindh government and was working in the PNC on deputation, whereas the complainant was also a federal government employee in Polyclinic and was on deputation at the council.

According to the FIR, the assistant registrar was accused of f avouring registration of a fake nursing college in Hyderabad and an inquiry in this regard had been initiated against him.

The complainant said she was assigned the task to work as a PNC representative in the inquiry committee, as she was already working on an assignment to unearth fake nursing institutes and colleges.

The FIR said the FIA office in Hyderabad was also investigating a fake college case, adding that the suspect started to adopt an objectionable attitude towards her and later got her repatriated to her parent department through political influence.

Minister of National Health Services Abdul Qadir Patel then heard her in person and cancelled her repatriation order, the FIR said, adding that he spoke many a time against her character and conduct.

In October, the assistant registrar came to her office and shouted at her in the presence of her junior colleagues and hurled threats at her.

She said whenever she tried to inquire the reason behind his hostile behaviour, rather than adopting a polite attitude, he would misbehave with her.

He also called her husband and threatened him of dire consequences if she did not agree to work on his agenda, the FIR said, adding that he asked her to resign from the PNC otherwise she would face a big loss.

In the FIR, the woman said she had informed her highups as well as the council members about his intimidating attitude but to no avail. She warned that he would be responsible for any mishap she and her family faced.

When contacted the police said the case had been registered andinvestigationwasin progress.Staf f Reporter

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