Organ harvesting

As a society, we must unite in condemning and combating this grave violation of human rights. In a chilling revelation, the Lahore police recently unveiled the nefarious operations of an

Climate and governance

In the wake of COP28’s landmark decision to establish a damage fund for climate crisis mitigation, the spotlight has turned to governance structures that will determine its success. The creation

State’s tortious liability towards its citizens

Violation of Constitution by President, ECP & two Governors creates an impasse. Honourable Justice Athar Minnallah of the Supreme Court has recently released his additional note in the 90-day election

Tackling human trafficking

It is worth noting that we already have some relatively strong laws on the books. Pakistan must take a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach to combat the scourge of human trafficking.

Lost in limbo

The missing persons issue in Pakistan has persisted for years, affecting countless families across the country. While the exact number of missing persons is difficult to ascertain due to unreported

Our emigration outlook

Over the last few years, Pakistan has witnessed a significant surge in emigration, fuelled by the challenges the country currently grapples with, including a growing population, instability, low growth rate

Women dying everywhere

THIS year, just like every year, UN Women is commemorating 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence from Nov 25 to Dec 10. This annual observance is meant to focus

Organ trafficking

DESPITE legal safeguards being in place to crack down on the illicit organ transplantation racket, it is clear that greater vigilance is needed to permanently put gangs involved in this

Hidden scars

IN Pakistan, the spectre of gender-based violence casts a long, oppressive shadow over women and girls. Rooted in societal norms, GBV manifests in forms like `honour` killings, domestic abuse and

Escalating terrorism

Recent upswing in terrorism in Pakistan can be attributed to a confluence of factors. In recent months, Pakistan has witnessed a distressing surge in terrorist activities, posing a grave threat