Slaying the TTP hydra

The recrudescence of Taliban violence owes itself to reversal in Taliban’s fortunes in Afghanistan. Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has staged a comeback with a vengeance in the wake of the US

Harassment via AI

These actions hinder progress toward gender equality and societal inclusion. The recent release of the Digital Rights Foundation’s annual Cyber Harassment Helpline Report 2023 has brought to light a concerning

Karachi crime

At least 16 citizens in Karachi fell victim to shootouts by robbers this Ramazan. According to a report, 6,780 street crime incidents took place in Karachi in one month, while

Solving the infrastructure problem

Pakistan’s infrastructure deficiencies are well documented. The transportation sector suffers from congested roads, outdated railways, and insufficient connectivity between urban and rural areas. The energy sector faces chronic power shortages

Polls & the environment

A SUSTAINABLE future needs a sustainable environment. In 2023, recorded temperatures reached unprecedented heights, underscoring the global warming trend. These circumstances are increasingly attracting the world`s attention to environment-friendly practices.

Missing Priya Kumari

Abduction of seven-year-old Kumari some two years back has shaken the regional Hindu community of her hometown Sukkur. Child abduction in Pakistan is not an unfamiliar and unlamented nuisance. It

Transgender education

It engenders a culture of acceptance and respect for differences. Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz’s recent announcement regarding the establishment of a transgender school in every division of the province,

Brick by brick

The brick kiln industry in Pakistan is a highly profitable sector. With over 20,000 brick kilns, the country is the third-largest brick producer in South Asia, employing approximately 4.5 million

Missing women

The 19-member cabinet of the newly elected government, which was formed on the heels of International Women’s Day (March 8), has only one woman (that too not as a federal

Senate election controversy

HARDLY any election in Pakistan has been free of controversy. This includes Senate elections. The recent presidential election was a rare exception. Mahmood Khan Achakzai, the runner-up and joint candidate