New corona variant – 11 May 2022

Recently the latest variant of the virus was detected in as many as 29% of cases in the US

The time has not yet come to give up wearing masks to protect from Covid-19. The first case of a sublineal variant of Omicron has been detected in Pakistan a few days back. The latest variant, named BA.2.12.1, has been detected in a person in Islamabad returning from a foreign country. This variant spreads rapidly, and it has so far been found in 13 countries. However, the positive aspect is that this too, like earlier variants of Covid-19, can be prevented by vaccination, so the government as well as national and international experts have advised people to get vaccinated, and those who are vaccinated should take the booster shot on the recommendation of physicians. People have also been asked to continue adhering to preventive measures: use of face masks at crowded places, maintaining social distancing, covering mouths while coughing, using sanitiser, washing hands often, and keeping windows open.

Lab tests of dirty and waste water collected from places where they accumulate have revealed that the BA.2.12.1 variant thrives there, and then rapidly spreads in humans. This underlines the need for ensuring cleanliness and not allowing the accumulation of dirty water in and around homes, markets, educational institutions and other such places. Since the rainy season is at hand, accumulation of rainwater should not be allowed at any place, and rainwater should be drained away at the earliest possible. Recently the latest variant of the virus was detected in as many as 29% of cases in the US.

The PTI government had wrapped up the National Command and Operation Centre that looked after matters relating to the coronavirus pandemic following a significant drop in cases of the disease. The incumbent government has ordered restoration of the NCOC after a patient has been found suffering from the latest variant of the virus. A few days ago, 64 patients of coronavirus were under critical care in different hospitals of Pakistan. The international community, including the WHO, had praised Pakistan for its deft handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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