Mystery surrounds nurse’s death – 03 Feb 2023

Police register two separate FIRs

Murder or suicide? The death of a nurse has become a mystery.

Two cases on the same incident have been registered at the Kabirwala Police Station.

On the application of the husband of the deceased nurse, police registered a case of murder and rape.

However, police registered another case on the same incident in which the matter was considered to be a case of suicide.

On the afternoon of January 27, a person named Saleem had brought a woman, Sumaira Anwar, a nurse at the Kabirwala THQ, to the emergency ward of the same hospital where the nurse worked. The condition of the nurse was very critical.

Considering the condition of the victim, she was immediately referred to the Nishtar Hospital in Multan.

After a life-and-death struggle for two days, Sumaira Anwar died at the Nishtar Hospital on January 29. Sumaira’s husband, Khalid, in his complaint filed with the police, had claimed that his wife was raped and killed.

The contents of the FIR registered on Khalid’s complaint alleged that Kabirwala THQ’s HR officer Rana Majid and his accomplice Saleem had gang-raped Sumaira.

The contents of the FIR also alleged that “the murder took place at the behest of Medical Superintendent THQ Kabirwala, Dr. Amara Bhatti”.

The other FIR registered in the same case, which had been registered against Sumaira Anwar on the complaint of Sub-Inspector Munir, stated that Sumaira Anwar had committed suicide. Khalid and some people from his neighbourhood had protested outside the police station.

Therefore, police had also registered cases against Khalid and others for staging a protest demonstration outside the police station.

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