CORNER MEETINGS 15th January -15th February 2020

 Theme : Awareness how to safe ours child from  abuse 

Sexual exploitation of children due to their vulnerable position is not a novel concept. It is estimated that seven children are abused daily in Pakistan.  In an attempt to combat such evil our organization had arranged corner meetings with community women The purpose of workshops was to inculcate awareness about the issue. These corner meetings were held at our 15 community centers and  450 women attended these workshop. It is pertinent to mention here that most of the reported cases are of known person abusing a child. Therefore, the most important step is to sensitize a child about sexually offensive attitude whether it is initiated by a stranger or a near/distant family member. In case of any mishap the victim should not be blamed. Neither should they be burdened with “honour.” Government institutions in general, law enforcement agencies in particular in this regard need to play their due role.