Missing persons case: Resolving issue in national interest, says IHC CJ – 15 Nov 2022

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad High Court (IHC) Chief Justice (CJ) Aamer Farooq has remarked it is in the national interest that missing persons issue is resolved.

“We are human being first and then judge or IG. If government does nothing, we should quash these cases, he gave these remarks during the hearing of the petitions regarding recovery of missing persons including Mudassar Naro here Monday.

Emman Zeb Mazari, counsel for the missing persons, told the court that prime minister had held out assurances by appearing in this court. The report was to be filed in the court from PM side today.

Additional Attorney General (AAG) told the court cabinet had constituted a committee which is holding meetings. The court inquired if meetings are taking place, what the outcome of the meetings is. AAG told the court the committee became dysfunctional after the resignation of its law minister Azam Nazir Tarar.

The IHC CJ said, “New law minister has come, how the committee becomes dysfunctional. If the government changes tomorrow, the committee will stand abolished. The former chief justice has gone then this case should be quashed. If the government has to do nothing then tell us we quash these cases. What efforts have been made in these cases?”

AAG told the court meetings have been held with the members of missing persons’ families. “Now more proceedings has to be initiated. We need more time for it,” he said. The court remarked all the cases have been pending hearing for last two years. “How much more time is needed.”

Inamul Rahim, the counsel for the petitioners, said they have sought time for 10 times. Justice Aamer Farooq remarked it is in the national interest that the matter of missing persons should be addressed. “If any of our dear and near one goes missing, what we will feel. We are first human being and then lawyer judge or IG.

Father of missing children told the court that his two sons went missing outside Islamic university. Still they are untraceable. The court expressed annoyance over investigation officer Sabzi Mandi police station remarking if he is capable to conduct investigation and if he is capable for what two pips he has pinned. The court adjourned the hearing of the case.

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