Missing girl rescued from captors after 70 days

SAHIWAL: The Pakpattan Saddar police rescued a 12-year-old orphan girl, Fatima, who had been held captive for 70 days by her captors.

Fatima was kidnappe d from Faridpur Dogain and then sold to a brothel in L arkana by her abductors.

The police said the young girl was sold for Rs45,000.

Saddar Station House Officer Abid Ashig said Fatima had been reunited with her mother, Bakhtawar Bibi.

He said on Aug 10, Bakhtawar left Fatima and her niece, Rabia, at home while she went to work. Upon her return, she found that Fatima was missing.

Rabia said Fatima had gone out to see her friends. Bakhtawar learned that her daughter was last seen in a van.

The Saddar police registered a case under section 365 of the Pakistan Penal Code against unidentified kidnappers.

First, her uncle was arrested, and a breakthrough came from mobile data, indicatingthat Fatima contacted a family at a local shrine.

Later, she fell into the hands of a Lahore-based criminal network comprising three women and four men.

This group would frequent visit various shrines and establish contact with girls aged between 12 and 15. After building familiarity, they would lure and abduct the girls.

A police investigation unveiled that Fatima was targeted in a similar manner and then summoned to a location where she was kidnapped.

Initially transported to Multan, she was ultimately sold to a brothel in Larkana.

The police first conducted a raid in Multan, and it led to the recovery of the girl from Larkana.

The police arrested Parveen Bibi, Iram Shahzadi, and her husband, Altaf, along with Shaista and her husband, Altaf Husain.

Munawwar Abbas Multani, who is Parveen Bibi`s husband, is currently evading capture.

The police said the racket was involved in kidnapping of girls from various cities across Pakistan.

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