One of the core missions of AGHS Legal Aid Cell is to help religious minorities in Pakistan who often face persecution, discrimination, and false accusations. The organization provides free legal services to individuals from minority communities, including representation in court, assistance with bail, and support against false charges of blasphemy accusations or other forms of criminal persecution. Through its legal aid services, AGHS founder has been successful in securing the release of many innocent people who were unfairly imprisoned.

AGHS founder Asma Jahangir helped many vulnerable women and men who faced religious persecution. The organization continues Asma Jahangir’s work by ensuring religious minorities receive a fair trial and are not subject to mob justice or vigilante attacks. AGHS also provides support to individuals who have been released on bail, helping them to navigate the complex legal system and rebuild their lives.

In addition to its legal aid services, AGHS works to raise awareness about the plight of religious minorities in Pakistan and advocates for policy changes that can help to improve their situation. The organization collaborates with other NGOs, human rights groups, and government agencies to promote awareness and mobilize support for the cause.

The organization has also long advocated for other marginalized communities including transgender persons, ethnic groups and refugees. Through our capacity-building workshops, we routinely engage with the transgender community and help empower them to better understand and avail their rights.

AGHS Legal Aid Cell’s work is crucial in helping to protect the rights of religious minorities and marginalized communities in Pakistan. By providing free legal services, the organization helps to ensure that these individuals receive fair treatment under the law and are not subject to persecution, discrimination, or false accusations. The impact of this work is immeasurable, as it helps to promote justice, equality, and human rights for all.