Manawan rape, murder victim’s uncle wants justice – 14 Sep 2022

LAHORE: The uncle of a girl, who was raped and killed by the owner of a private swimming pool in the Manawan area a few days ago, thanked the Lahore police for arresting the main accused.

He thanked CM Ch Pervaiz Elahi and Minister Raja Basharat. Talking to the media at CCPO Lahore office Tuesday, he said that he wanted the criminal to be punished for what he had done. The accused Ali Raza had raped the girl and threw her body into the swimming pool to make the heinous act look like an accident. Maria had come to the accused’s swimming pool with her brother Sajjad and five-year-old sister Ajra. Ali Raza, the owner of the swimming pool, lured the girl with biscuits and took her behind the canteen. When Maria was not seen for a long time, her brother asked the owner of the swimming pool. The accused Ali Raza told the brother of the victim that her sister had gone home. Later, the victim was found dead in the swimming pool. Ali Raza was detained on the spot as a suspect. CCPO Lahore said that DNA and polygraph tests of 11 suspects had been conducted and the samples of the murdered girl and accused Ali Raza were sent to Punjab Forensic Science Lab to reach real accused.

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