Man throws children into sea, attempts suicide – 13 Jan 2023

Man rescued but children not found

A man attempted to commit suicide by jumping off into the Manora sea after throwing his two children into it after a heated argument with his wife.

He was rescued by the lifeguard but his children were never found. SHO Maripur Ghulam Hussain Korai said that the man, identified as Kashif Raza drove to Manora Beach and tossed his two children, six-year-old Kenric, and eight-year-old Cederic, into the water due to an argument with his wife.

The SHO said that a rescue operation was going on in search of the kids, but no progress has been reported yet.

He said that Kashif has been taken into custody. A case has been registered against him under the murder section.

The police have recorded a video statement of the accused. He told police that he had an argument with his wife but before he drove to Manora beach with his two children, he called his wife, but she did not receive his call. “I also called my brother-in-law, but they took no action. All three of us came to die so that my wife may be set free.” He said that he wanted to end his life, but the lifeguards saved him. Kashif is a resident of Essa Nagri and a nurse by profession.

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