Man taken into custody for attempted rape of teenage girl – 06 Sep 2022

Police investigation is under way

Police have arrested a man for allegedly attempting to sexually assault a 12-year-girl of an Afghan family.

On a complaint of the victim’s father, the police arrested the accused who also hailed from Afghanistan. Police said that the accused, Asmatullah Abdul Hakeem, a resident of Chamba Kholiyan, took the girl to the fields and attempted to sexually assault her.

The girl’s father, a resident of Kholiyan Bala of Sarai Saleh, had lodged a complaint with the Shah Maqsood police picket.

After registering the complaint, the police arrested the suspect and an investigation is under way.

Anti-dengue fogging ordered

With a rise in dengue infections, District Health Officer Dr Munawar Khan Afridi has directed officials concerned to start anti-dengue fogging in the region.

Regions including Kalingir, Swabi Maira, Badhora, TIP, Noor Colony, Central Jail, Qazian, Sarai Saleh, and Pathan Colony are all sprayed. Fogging builds up a thick layer up to 1 kilometre in which the dengue mosquitoes are unable to fly. As a result, the spread of dengue reduces. Although fogging spray does kill dengue mosquitoes, larvae still remain unaffected. In order to control the breeding of dengue larvae, all the water accumulating spaces such as tanks, water collected in flower pots, etc should be covered especially inside residential areas.

Similarly, adults and children need to wear full sleeves and use Mospel lotion to protect themselves from mosquito bites. Killing dengue larvae is a dire need as it takes only seven days to develop into a full fledge dengue mosquito.

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