Man smashes infant to death over dispute with father

Islamabad police take suspect into custody, case registered.

ISLAMABAD: In a horrifying incident, a man killed an 11-month-old child by smashing him repeatedly to the ground after an argument with the infant’s father in Mouza Sumbul Jaffar in the federal capital, Sumbal police said on Tuesday.

Police added they had arrested a man, identified as Javed, for the heinous crime and registered a case against him. The incident transpired early in the morning when Muhammad Shahbaz , a rebar seller, had stepped out of the house with his infant to buy milk from the neighbourhood dairy in Mouza Sumbul Jafar. While on the way, he told police, a man named Javed attacked him with a stone. While he escaped the blow, Javed snatched his infant son Umar and started beating the child, he told police.

According to the child’s father, the accused smashed his son to the ground. The complaint stated that two people witnessed the scene in which an enraged Javed lifted the child up and smashed him to the ground ‘with all his strength’. This led to severe head injuries to the child, said the father, who rushed him to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) where doctors tried to save him but he did survive. The brutal and cruel nature of the murder has sent shock-waves in the area.


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