Man shot dead in Okara over clashes on social media – 09 Jan 2023

OKARA: A young man was shot dead allegedly over clashes on social media near Jaan-i-Mola graveyard in the Ghaziabad locality.

As per the FIR, Faizan and his father Muhammad Ilyas were going to the nearby barber’s shop when they were intercepted by four armed suspects, including Ali Barki, Nomi Mughal, Amir and Adeel, near a graveyard.

The suspects shouted at Faizan that they would teach him a lesson for posting against them online. They opened fire on him, killing him on the spot, and fled from the scene.

Reportedly, the victim had been killed over an ongoing conflict between him and the suspects where both sides would post against each other on social media. The armed men allegedly shot Faizan dead on the suggestion of Abdul Quddoos, Rana Waseem and Nasir Kabaria.

On the report of Faizan’s father, City B division police registered a case against seven suspects under sections 302, 109,148 and 149 of the PPC.

12 INJURED: At least 12 people were injured in two separate road accidents due to dense fog.

A police patrol rammed into a road divider on Saturday night due to heavy fog on GT road near University of Okara. Six police staffers and others in the patrol van, including Younis, Sohail, Waqar Ahmad, Mazhar Iqbal, Javaid and Farhad, were injured. Similarly, a bus hit the rear side of a tractor-trolley leaving six passengers in the bus, including Azra, Allah Ditta, Babar, Latif, Ijaz and Arshad, injured. Rescue 1122 shifted the injured to hopitals.

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