Man set on fire over lodging police complaint – 06 Mar 2023

Case registered in light of medical evidence

Three persons set a man on fire out of resentment over a petition filed by him for lodging a case against them.

The victim suffered severe burn injuries after the assailants sprinkled petrol on him and set him on fire. He was shifted to a hospital.

D Type Colony police launched a search for the suspects after registering a case against them.

The complainant, Muhammad Irfan, a resident of D Type Colony, stated that he had filed an application in the local police station and a writ petition in a court against the suspects, including Umar Farooq and Waheed Butt.

He alleged that the men nominated by him had caught him and dragged him to a yard after thrashing him, threw him on the ground, sprinkled petrol on him and set him on fire. He said he had suffered burns on his whole body.

The police registered a case under section 336B in light of medical evidence and launched a hunt for the suspected assailants.

Meanwhile, during an alleged robbery incident at a shop, the robbers injured a woman with the butt of their pistol and escaped, police said.

Tahir Mehmood, in his complaint, told the police that two alleged robbers barged into the grocery store of his son Owais and robbed him of Rs4,200 and a mobile phone.

Tahir told the police that his son caught one of the robbers. In the meantime, his wife, Rabia Bibi, ran after the other robber, caught him and raised an alarm to seek help from the nearby shopkeepers.

The complainant told the police that he, too, reached the store. He said that the alleged robbers managed to overpower his son and wife, grabbed the latter and struck her with a pistol butt.

Tahir told the police that the panicky robbers opened fire, but the bullets fortunately missed their targets.

The robbers ultimately fled. Police registered a case against the suspects under Section 394 of the PPC.

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