Man kills self after severing wife’s head – 01 Dec 2022

Couple had been having frequent domestic disputes lately

A man severed his wife’s head with an axe. Later, he went out and jumped himself in front of a train, the Jaffar Express, which had been en route to Quetta from Peshawar.

The incident happened within the limits of the Kasowal Police Station. Manzoor Ahmed, a resident of 117/12-L, a neighboring village of Chichawatani, used to have frequent fights with his wife. He had a daughter and a son, who are both married.

Last night, Manzoor Ahmad killed his wife Jannat Bibi and committed suicide by jumping onto the track near 117 Bara L where the oncoming Jaffar Express crushed him under its wheels.

Kasowal Police Station after taking necessary action shifted the bodies to the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Chichawatani for autopsy. Umar Farooq, the son of the deceased, said in his statement before the police that he had been sleeping in his room when he heard his mother screaming.

He rushed to his parents’ room where he saw his father severing the head of his mother with an axe. Incidents of violence against women are not uncommon in the province. In March last year, a woman was allegedly strangled by her husband and his brother-in-law in the name of honour in Khurrianwala.

The suspected murderers tied a rope around the victim’s neck and strangled her. Police recovered the body and launched an investigation after the postmortem.

According to the police report, 26-year-old Mahwish Bibi, the daughter of Nawshir, a resident of Chak No 534GB, was married to Ali Raza, son of Zulfiqar and a resident of Chak No 448GB, eight years ago.

The couple had three children. On the day of the incident, Ali Raza, while going on a business trip with his brother-in-law, Khadim Hussain, had allegedly seen his wife with a man. Ali developed suspicions over his wife after which he and Khadim grabbed Mahwish and put a headscarf and a rope around her neck and strangled her.

The alleged murderers later escaped. Jaranwala police had recovered the body of the deceased and, after the postmortem, handed it over to her mother Kausar Bibi. The police had also registered a case against Ali Raza and Khadim Hussain. On February 24 last year, a woman was murdered by her father in Shalimar area of Lahore over suspicion of being in a relationship with a man.

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