Man jailed for raping daughter-in-law – 20 Nov 2022

Court orders convict to pay Rs1m in damages

A district and sessions court in Rawalpindi sentenced a man to 10 years in prison and ordered him to pay Rs1 million in damages for rapping his daughter-in-law.

Additional District and Sessions Judge Ahsan Mehmood Malik heard the case on Saturday. Judge Ahsan Mehmood Malik remarked that the convict must compensate the victim for the damages and in case of failing to do so, he must serve an additional six months behind bars.

The judge ruled that this was a very heinous crime wherein a sacred relationship has been trampled on.

No matter how old the criminal was, no leniency should be considered, he ruled. The accused was taken into custody by the police from the courtroom as soon as the sentence was pronounced.

As per the judgment, a medical examination of the victim has established that the convict assaulted her.

On February 9, 2020, the victim had filed a complaint with the Saddar Baroni police that her husband, Yassir, worked as a labourer and did so from dawn till dusk. Her father-in-law Amir Zaman used to subject her to rape in the absence of her husband.

She had further told that once they moved out of the house after her husband came to know about the crime, the convict showed up at their new residence too and started sexually assaulting her again. To this, the couple decided to go to the police.

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