Man held for vandalising Sher Khan memorial – 19 May 2023

MARDAN: The accused involved in breaking a statue of the Shaheed Capt Karnal Sher Khan and 510 others were arrested for their alleged involvement in damaging public and government property in the Mardan region on May 9, a police official said on Thursday.

On 9th May, during the protest of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) workers in front of Punjab Regiment Centre (PRC) gate, an accused had broken the statue of Captain Karnal Sher Khan.

Regional Police Officer (RPO) Mohammad Ali Khan said that the accused was identified as Rahmatullah, a resident of Haider Khan Killay, and had been arrested.

The RPO said that more than 510 people were arrested in the region involved in damaging government and public properties and more than 13 FIRs were registered. He added that in Mardan, 42 people were arrested in two FIRs while 92 people were arrested under 3 MPO. Similarly, 107 people were arrested in one FIR in Swabi while 65 people were arrested under 3 MPO.

In Charsadda, 153 people were arrested in four FIRs while 10 were arrested under 3-MPO. In Nowshera, 17 people were arrested in 4 FIRs while 14 were arrested under 3 MPO. In Mohmand, 10 people were arrested in 2 FIRs. The RPO said that police were identifying the accused through evidence and CCTV footage and arresting them.

Meanwhile, Capt. Colonel Sher Khan, who laid down his life in actions of unprecedented bravery at Tigers Hill in 1999 Kargil war, was paid yet another time high tribute by an Indian army major who was fighting against him.

The Indian major has regretted insolence and destruction of his statue by miscreants on May 9. Major Gaurave Arya of the Indian army has reacted in a professional manner on the incident of demolishing and disrespecting statue of the late great Capt Colonel Sher Khan, and said through social media, “I am not for or against any Pakistan political party, but I believe that a country that doesn’t respect its martyrs isn’t respected by the world.”

He reminded that Capt. Colonel Sher Khan was our enemy in Kargil, but he was a worthy enemy. “He fought and died for what he believed was right. He was brave. We acknowledged his courage. If the Indian army can honour an enemy and recommended him for a gallantry award, what is wrong with you guys? He died for you. Have you already forgotten him? Ungrateful,” concluded by the retired Indian Major. The Shaheed singlehandedly blocked a company of Indian army without having any support and food for four to five days.

An Indian army’s general paid tribute to his valour in their memoire and his coffin was dispatched with great honour from Occupied Kashmir and then from Indian soil to Pakistan. He was laid to rest with due honour and bestowed highest gallantry ward of “Nishan-e-Haider” posthumously.

The following is the official statement by the Pakistan Army: “Captain Karnal Sher Khan emerged as the symbol of mettle and courage during the Kargil conflict on the LoC. He set personal examples of bravery and inflicted heavy losses on the enemy. He defended the five strategic posts and repulsed many Indian attacks. After many abortive attempts, the enemy on July 5 rang the post of Capt. Sher Khan tried to re-capture the lost post. But during the course, he was hit by machine-gun fire and embraced Shahadat.

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