Man guns down daughter – 18 May 2023

Victim wanted to marry a person of her choice

A man allegedly killed his daughter who wanted to marry someone of her choice, police said.

Police registered a case against the suspect on his son’s complaint and started a search for him.

Mian Mohammad Abrar, a resident of Chak No. 43/GB, said in the case filed with the police that he had been living in Muscat, and when he came home on a vacation, he found his sister Ursa Asim missing.

He told the police that when he asked his father, Asim Shehzad alias Allah Rahka, about her, he did not tell him anything.

He said that he again asked his father where his sister had gone in front of Faryad Ali and Zahid, but he said nothing.

Mian Mohammad Abrar told the police that he later came to know that there had been a quarrel between his sister and his father over the matter of her wanting to get married.

The complainant alleged that his father killed his sister and buried her body secretly.

In the month of October last year, a man had allegedly killed his differently-abled daughter in Okara.

The suspect had allegedly confessed to having killed his six-year-old, differently-abled daughter for second marriage by throwing her into a canal

The suspect had registered a case of abduction of his daughter in Chorasta Mian Khan Police Station. However, he confessed to the crime when the police interrogated him.

Okara District Police Officer (DPO) Furqan
Bilal had told The Express Tribune that the suspect, Qurban, had confessed to having drowned his daughter Aisha.

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