Man gets 14-year jail term for raping student – 21 Feb 2023

In case of non-payment of the Rs0.2 million fine, rapist to spend another year in prison

Azam Khan Gandapur Sukna Takwara, who was arrested for raping a student in third grade in 2022, has been convicted of the crime and sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment with hard labor and a fine of Rs0.2 million.

In case of non-payment of the fine, the accused will have to spend one more year in prison.

Kalachi Judicial Magistrate Inamullah Mehsud said that during the year 2022, Azam raped a student in Kalachi Tehsil of Takwara area.

The police had registered a case of this incident on the report of the victim’s uncle.

During the hearing of the case, after the arguments were presented, the court sentenced the accused to seven years imprisonment with hard labour under Section 377 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) and a fine of Rs0.1 million. In case of non-payment of fine, the convict would have to serve six months in prison.

Moreover, under Section 53 of the Child Protection Act, the convict was handed down another jail sentence of seven years with hard labour and an additional fine of Rs0.1 million. In case of non-payment of the fine, orders of additional six months imprisonment were also issued.

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