Man framed in drugs case wins appeal – 16 Nov 2022

Subordinate court had sentenced Aslam Buzdar to life imprisonment and a fine of Rs100,000

A convict sentenced to life imprisonment by a trial court on charges of possessing 25 kilogrammes of hashish was found innocent and set free after being exonerated of all charges.

The prosecution failed to present concrete evidence against the accused, said a Sindh High Court bench while accepting the appeal of Aslam Buzdar against the conviction and declared the sentence of the trial court null and void. A two-member bench headed by Justice KK Agha heard the appeal against the conviction of Aslam Buzdar in the drug possession case.

A subordinate court had sentenced Aslam Buzdar to life imprisonment and a fine of Rs100,000. According to the prosecution, 25kgs of hashish was recovered from the accused when the police considering him suspicious searched him at a taxi stand in June 2020.

Illegal construction

The sessions judge of the East district heard petition of a citizen against construction of a four-storey building on a 40 sq-yds plot in Pir Ilahi Bakhsh (PIB) Colony.

Officials of PIB police station submitted a report about the building. As per police, the individual whom the petitioner made a party in the case is not the owner of the property. Another citizen named Kashif is constructing the house.

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