Man confesses to burning two girls alive

LAHORE: The accused person, who burnt the girls alive on the roof of the house in the Ghaziabad area, has confessed to his crime.

According to the police, the incident took place three months ago here in City where two girls were burnt alive on the roof of the house. Police said that the accused Attique was the fianc√© of a girl who was burnt. The victim girl’s elder sister was married to Attique’s elder brother.

According to the police, the arrested accused is a senior civil servant against whom legal action is being taken. He told police that he had committed the offence because he was frustrated over a domestic dispute. Police said the two girls were sleeping on the roof of their house when they were doused in petrol and set ablaze by Attique.


Investigation Police Shafiqabad has arrested two suspected robbers on Friday. The arrested suspects were identified as Fawad and Munir. Police also recovered nine mobile phones, cash and illegal weapons.

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