Man caught burying wife after allegedly strangling her

Police noted husband attempted to portray alleged killing as accident.

DIJKOT: A man was arrested by the police after attempting to bury his wife, whom he had allegedly strangled to death out of suspicion.

The incident occurred in Aftab Town Juranwala, where Rasoolan Bibi, the mother of the deceased Sobia Bibi, reported to the police.

Sobia was married to Ghazanfar, son of Ashraf from Chak 649 GB, and the couple had three children. Ongoing domestic disputes between the husband and wife led to a fatal incident yesterday.

Ghazanfar allegedly attempted to bury his wife in the local cemetery after performing funeral rites in the village. He had reportedly strangled her while she was sleeping, suspecting her character. Upon receiving information about the incident, the police, including SHO Saddar Juranwala Inspector Riaz Athwal, reached the location. The dead body was taken into custody, and Ghazanfar was arrested. A case was registered under the provisions of 302/311 TPP. The police noted that the husband had tried to bury his wife without informing her family, presenting the death as accidental. He was subsequently arrested and charged.

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