Man axes wife to death – 18 May 2022

Case registered against four people

A man, along with three other people, allegedly axed his wife to death over a domestic dispute.

Police seized the body and registered a case against four people, including two women, and started searching for them.

A complaint was filed with the police by Kulsoom Bibi in which she stated that her daughter Samreen had been married to Waqas two months ago.

The complainant alleged that Waqas used to abuse her daughter over petty matters. She said that her son-in-law had been threatening to kill her daughter right from the day they got married.

Last evening when there was a quarrel between the couple, Waqas, along with his brother, Adil, and two relatives, Sadia and Amina Bibi, allegedly struck her daughter with axes.

She was rushed to a hospital where she died of her injuries.

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