Man ‘attempts to burn family alive’ – 23 Mar 2023

Suspect is an alleged drug addict who went berserk when denied money for drugs

An alleged drug addict allegedly locked his wife and children up in the bedroom of their house and set furniture and other belongings in the room on fire and fled, police said.

They said that upon hearing the screams of the wife and children, neighbours broke the door and saved their lives.

The household goods were burnt to ashes due to the fire.

The police registered a case against the man and have started searching for him.

Muhammad Abdul Latif told the police that his 40-year-old daughter, Naseem Bibi, had been married to Ibrahim.

They had four children.

Latif said that his son-in-law Ibrahim had been addicted to heroin. He asked his daughter Naseem for money for buying drugs. Latif said that when his daughter did not give her husband the money he had demanded, he tortured her, locked her up in the room, set the bed and the sofas in the room on fire and escaped.

The complainant said that when his daughter and grandchildren screamed for help, two men responded to their plea for help, got into the house, broke the door and rescued his daughter and grandchildren before any harm came to them.

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