Man arrested for `sexually assaulting` boy – 04 Jan 2023

TAXILA: A man was booked and sent behind bars for allegedly sexually assaulting a boy in the jurisdiction of Rangoo police station of Attock on Tuesday.

The victim reported to police thathe was going towards his house when a man held him at gunpoint at Awanabad, took him to his house and sexually assaulted him. Later, he managed to escape from the scene and narrated his ordeal to his family who took him to a local police station.

Pohce registered a case and arrested the suspect after medicalexamination confirmed the assault.

Meanwhile, during a crackdown against the drug mafia, Attock police arrested six drug traffickers and recovered over4kg ofnarcoucs from their possession.

According to a police spokesman, Jand police arrested Mohammad Ibrar, Murad Hussain while Injrapolice arrested Nisar Ahmed and Ameen Khan and recovered hashish from their possession.

Attock Saddar police arrested Mohammad Asif while Attock Khurd police arrested another drug trafficker and seized hashish. Respective police registered separate cases and launched further investigation.

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