Man arrested for killing wife – 29 Jul 2022

Suspect tortured victim to death, pretended she had eloped

Investigations Police in Shahdara arrested a suspect who allegedly buried his wife after beating her to death with iron rods. The suspect alleged that she had eloped, in order to hide his crime.

SP Investigations Civil Lines Raza Tanveer said that the victim, Fauzia Bibi had married the suspect Liaquat Ali. The couple had four children together, however their relationship gradually soured. Earlier this week, the suspect beat Fauzia to death with iron rods and buried her body. To cover up her absence, he pronounced that she had eloped.

Further police investigations revealed that the suspect was lying. Police recovered the body, as well as other evidence and arrested Liaquat Ali.

SP Tanveer further added that Investigations Police Civil Lines arrested two suspects who would call citizens, impersonate policemen and extort money by threatening them.

The suspects would allegedly say that they were speaking from a police station and arrested their relatives in a rape or murder case. If they wanted them released, the victims were urged to send money to a given number.

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