Man arrested for allegedly killing two minor nephews

NAROWAL: The police arrested a man on Wednesday who allegedly killed his two nephews (sons of his sister) in Wadhla village in Zafarwal.

The police said Javed Akhtar from village Wadhala in tehsil Zafarwal was arrested last year for allegedly killing his brother-in-law, Muhammad Ashfaq, over a domestic dispute. He is currently in jail.

Rehana Kausar, wife of Javed, said that her father Muhammad Ramzan and brother Muhammad Rafaq were forcing her to give `false testimony` against her husband in the court of law, which she refused.

She said that on Tuesday, her father and brother came to her house and took her sons, four-year-old Muhammad Ahmed and eight-year-old Muhammad Abu Bakr to Durman village to see a festival. She said that on Tuesday night she called Rafaq and asked him to drop the children back at home.

Her brother said that he will drop them home in the morning before school time starts. On Wednesday morning, she came to know that her sons were found killed in fields. She alleged Rafaq killed them to avenge the murder of their brother, Ashfaq.

The Zafarwal police registered a murder case against Ramzan, Rafaq and an unidentified person on her complaint.

The police arrested Rafaq within two hours of the incident. According to police sources, the children were killed by putting a rope around their neck.

Rafaq was trying to escape abroad after the murder incident and was arrested by the police.

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